She read to me.
She napped.

She stayed up late because at age 5, naps are the devil.
Then she fell asleep on me in the rocking chair. Just like when she was a baby. My mama heart needed that today.


The Silver Lining

The last year at work has been difficult. A person we hired quit after six weeks. Another person we hired left after nine months. It’s now been two months since. It’s perfect timing in many ways for many of us but one thing I struggle with is the mistakes. The second person made a ton of mistakes and had a difficult time taking criticism. The second person also had a difficult time believing that they weren’t as perfect as they thought andĀ could make mistakes.

I’ve been having nightmares. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours to fix the mistakes that we have been finding. We have an idea of the work to be done but I think we will find more mistakes. The silver lining is that we are finding the mistakes now instead of January when we’re getting books ready for financial statements and audits. There is a lot of silver lining. More than I can count.

But the mistakes make me annoyed because there’s yet another thing to fix. I think they make me dream about that second person in not a good way.

This is where I let it go. I’ve fixed thousands of mistakes in my tenure. What’s a few thousand more?

This is where I move on from being mad and anxiety ridden about the second person.

This is where I find my positive and really see the silver lining in all it’s glory.

NaBloPoMo: I Did It!

When Jan challenged me to NaBloPoMo on November 1, I was amused. I don’t think I thought I could actually do it. But I did.

I wrote a little something about whatever was going on very single day in November.

And? I loved it! It forced me to think about what was going on in our life. It forced me to think about what was going on in my brain. It forced me to write it out.

Sure, some of my posts were a picture of Sydney with something clever about her but just think, it will be awesome to look back and see her at age 5. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. To keep track of us.

One of the things that kept me going was remembering that I can post from my phone, from anywhere.

It also helped to remember that anything I posted was good enough.

Jan, I did it!!


Saturday was busy and another awesome day. We had breakfast with my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday which is tomorrow. Then a quick trip to Costco. This afternoon we headed to Sesame Street Live. Sydney swore she wouldn’t dance.

She danced like crazy. Such a fun show. The best part is watching all the kids. Syd really loved seeing her favorite Sesame Street characters dancing like crazy.
We finished all our errands today so tomorrow will be a stay home day. There’s no chance I’m leaving the house. And I can’t wait.