The Unfollow

I’ve never unfollowed as many people and pages as I’ve done this week. It wasn’t you. It was those other people.  There’s something liberating about that Unfollow, Unfriend, or Unlike button. I’m cleaning house and it feels great! I’m getting my social media feeds back to what I want to see instead of what I followed because I was at an event or because something was interesting to me one time. 

I also spent a decent amount of time unliking those movies and books I put in my like section when I first joined Facebook eight years ago. Those likes haven’t changed but I don’t necessarily want to see what those ‘likes’ are posting. I want to spend the time I’m using to view my feeds to see what is relevant to me right now. I’m not sure how much I got rid of on Facebook but I got rid of several hundred on Twitter and just a few on Instagram. I’ve continued to get rid of stuff as I realize that it’s just not relevant to my life anymore. 

I can’t wait to see what a difference this makes to my feeds. It’s likely that The Unfollow will continue because I’m really focused on what it relevant to me. 

No one is safe!

Essential Oils and YOU

One of the things I love about including doTERRA in my life is how much they encourage using oils along with your medical team. I’ve been showing this photo in the classes I teach and I think it rings true for many.


Here is a link on the doTERRA blog that shows more about fitting oils into life. I’m grateful that we can use essential oils in our house when situations arise. And I’m grateful that I can use the oils in tandem with what my medical provider recommends.

For example, yesterday, the wind caught the screen door which caught my foot and scraped the skin. A little lavender and the skin was soothed immediately. I’m going to have to keep this in my pocket all summer for those little cuts and scrapes that happen at the playground with a 5 year old.

I use oils multiple times a day. We diffuse at night to help occasional sleeplessness and support our immune systems. I love how easy it is to incorporate essential oils into our daily life.

Want to know more? Check out my website or email me for more information!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.*

*Please contact your medical provider with questions or concerns about your specific situation and the use of essential oils.*


You Quit the Mom

She knows that she and Abby has different moms. She also knows that she and Abby have the same dad. its been a conversation around here many times. I think she’s starting to understand more because she has a friend with separated parents. 

Last night there was a conversation. It shows us what goes on in her little mind. 

Sydney: are you Abby’s REAL dad? 

Frank: Yes. 

S: But Abby has a different mom?

F: Yes. 

S: So you quit the mom?

F: Yes. 

S: And you got this one? (Motions to me)

F: Yes. 

The subject changes for a moment. Then she goes back:

“So you got this crazy one?”

Thank you, Sydney, for stating what some would consider the obvious. 

I love watching her mind understand the world. Even if she does call me crazy. :) 


This kid. 

She got her hair done by my hair girl today. Washed and cut at the salon. Just like mom. She was a little apprehensive to start but I’d say she got over it. 

I love how happy she is. 

It was also awesome to walk by the women’s clinic and have an anti-abortion activist tell me “God bless you for keeping her.” I did not react and I hope Syd didn’t hear. I’ve been driving past that place for a long time so I know what they are doing. It was weird to walk past them on the sidewalk though. One person also had a stroller with a bunch of plastic fetuses in it. That was a little weird. 

Syd told me later that today was Wacky Wednesday, so that must be why there plastic fetuses in a stroller.