This kid. 

She got her hair done by my hair girl today. Washed and cut at the salon. Just like mom. She was a little apprehensive to start but I’d say she got over it. 

I love how happy she is. 

It was also awesome to walk by the women’s clinic and have an anti-abortion activist tell me “God bless you for keeping her.” I did not react and I hope Syd didn’t hear. I’ve been driving past that place for a long time so I know what they are doing. It was weird to walk past them on the sidewalk though. One person also had a stroller with a bunch of plastic fetuses in it. That was a little weird. 

Syd told me later that today was Wacky Wednesday, so that must be why there plastic fetuses in a stroller. 


Some days it really hits me that my girl has this amazing room and she only gets to play in it on the weekend. Weekdays are for ten hour school days, quick breakfasts and dinners and morning and bedtime routines. There’s not time to play for five whole days in a row. And sometimes it aches my heart.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference to her. Which is what matters most. 


That’s the key word, really. 

This quote speaks to me heart and has been for a long time. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. And thank you. For being you. ;)

Photo taken on my phone from our copy of The Lorax, in the book Six by Suess. 


As I watch Sydney learn about everything in the world, I realize that I am learning too.  I’m learning right along with her. I didn’t really love school when I was in high school but once I got to a point in college, I realized that I really love learning. That must be why I went from Associate’s to Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees one right after another.

Now, six years after I finished my formal education, I’m realizing that I am a life long learner. I am always reading about something. I’ve recently turned to podcasts. I listen to the news in the morning and podcasts about all kinds of things at night or while driving. My day job requires a fair amount of critical thinking so I’m not able to listen during the day but I always have music going. 

I love learning about building websites, and how the back side of them work. I love to challenge myself to do things I had never given thought to before. I love science. Which had you asked me twenty years ago, I would not have loved science. How things work fascinates me. I also love watching Sydney figure out how things work. 

I really am a life long learner. And it rocks.