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Things About Six and The End of Summer

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There are a few things I’ve noticed about Little Miss Six… Seemingly overnight, she has started shutting the bathroom door to go potty and shutting her bedroom door to change clothes and get ready. She also takes time to do her hair and check her outfit, accessorizing as necessary. She has started talking. I mean, […]

Things I Loved This Week: August 30

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There’s so much great stuff going on all over the interwebs. This is my week in history picks. Coloring Books for Adults Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for this awesome list! I picked up Splendid Cities earlier this summer and love it. A friend is going through a stressful time so I picked up Color […]


And Then You Were Six

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All of a sudden, you are six. I’m not quite sure how we got here so quickly but here we are. You are more than one hand old. Six fingers. Six years. You are fun and kind. You love to see how things work. You bloom slowly in the morning with the help of juice […]

It was Gone

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I made the last pot this morning. Carefully crafted with just the right amount of grounds and water. It’s my morning ritual which has become an art. It was gone in an instant. She bumped the table and down it all went.  

Happy. Not The B Word.

The B Word

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I’m sitting on the front porch trying to formulate my thoughts about the last few days, all I hear is the noisy neighbors and the gnat buzzing my head. And the dog two doors (10 feet) down barking his brains out. I’m having a rough time formulating my thoughts because of the level of my […]