Tonight she was rough. 

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It’s not unusual but it’s usually reserved for Thursday. One late bedtime ruins much of the week. She cried when I said no and tried to fight me on it. She cried more. She stomped her feet. (She’s mini me except I slam doors and cabinets) Then a switch flipped and she was fine and […]

I Saw the In My Shoes Exhibit

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Last week, I wrote about an exhibit called In My Shoes coming to the Milwaukee Public Library. Today I was able to see the exhibit in person. This exhibit is deigned to inspire meaningful conversations between parents and teens about their challenges and potential to use and abuse substances. There was a large sign near […]

The Reading

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I just don’t want to forget mornings like this morning.  She was dressed and I was a little behind. She sat on her bed and read from the new library book we got. It’s from the We Both Read series. I read a page with a paragraph and she reads a page with a sentence. […]

An Exhibit: In My Shoes

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This week, a very special exhibit will open at the Milwaukee Public Library Central Location.  The exhibit is called “In My Shoes” and I am fascinated by it. I had a wonderful support system from my parents when I was young and also from my high school Sunday School teacher. I remember feeling pressured to […]

The Unfollow

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I’ve never unfollowed as many people and pages as I’ve done this week. It wasn’t you. It was those other people.  There’s something liberating about that Unfollow, Unfriend, or Unlike button. I’m cleaning house and it feels great! I’m getting my social media feeds back to what I want to see instead of what I […]