The Pain and My (Hopeful) Healthful Fix

I’ve been having abdominal pain for about two months. Maybe a little longer. In order to start dealing with it, I saw my doctor. He recommended a CT to figure out what’s been going on. The MD’s found that I have small kidney stones in my left kidney. They are apparently not large enough to be causing issue but KIDNEY STONES. Twelve years ago, I had surgury to remove an extra ureter on my left side and my kidney has always been malformed. He thinks that maybe it’s not draining like it should which could be causing the small stones. I’m on a mission to kill those stones so I don’t have to pass them. Because OUCH.

In addition, because the abdominal pain is not gone. It’s not getting worse or better. I’ve been keeping a food journal for about the last two weeks. I’ve noticed a correlation between bread (aka gluten) and the pain, so in an attempt to cure/fix/reduce the pain, I’ve decided to try a gluten free diet. I have reduced my gluten a lot but it’s time to get rid of it. So I’ve been doing my research and already have increased my intake of whole fruits and vegetables. And I’ve also started reading Wheat Belly. Which whoa. I’ve been struggling a bit with how to get started on a gluten free diet but now that I’ve noticed a correlation between what I’m eating and my abdominal pain, I realized that I can’t wait.

In addition, I’ve been using essential oils for about a year and have upped my usage in hopes to help my body get it’s act together.

This month, I decided to join the club. I’m now a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. I joined because I have seen a positive impact from these oils on me and my family. It was time to take the plunge. I believe that adding essential oils to my life can do nothing but have a positive impact. I love that the doTERRA brand of oils are natural and highly concentrated. They come from the earth and are good for the earth. They are a natural way to increase our health and deal with issues that come up. I love that I can add oils to my health regimen along with what my medical doctor recommends.

I thought for a long time about joining the doTERRA team. The way the oils work, the way the company markets itself, it’s professional look on all products and literature and the 25% discount made for an easy decision. I am excited about these oils. I have already helped my daughter overcome what could have been a terrible scar on her chin from a fall last year, Molluscum, and a number of colds. We have been diffusing for several weeks in our house and this week I started diffusing at work.

I believe in the power of essential oils as part of a healthy lifestyle. I’m excited to start continue the journey of the oil life. I’m excited to share my story here as I learn and become the best me. I’m excited about the awesome things that oil can do not only for my body but for my home too!

I joined doTERRA to learn and get the discount on my purchases. I didn’t realize that once I started talking that everyone would have questions or want to try out oils. If you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more about it. I’d love to help you be your most healthy self.


p.s. If you’re already into oils and want to order, here’s my business site.


Word of the Year 2015

Sick Bay is mostly gone around here and everyone is back to feeling normal. I’m figuring out that feeling normal is not the same as feeling/being well. So I’ve come up with a word in which to focus on for this year.


All things related. Physical. Mental. Financial. Spiritual. All healthy. I’ve made a big decision to make some changes to my eating habits. More whole foods and less processed. For reasons I’m not quite ready to share on the interwebs, I have to make a change. I’m learning as I go.
I also want to make other changes.
We went to church today. It was a different church that we had never been to before but the same denomination that I grew up in. It smelled like my childhood. Coffee going in the Narthex brought back childhood. And church was a safe place for me all my life. Sydney loved it and announced at dinner that she would be attending Sunday School. To learn about God. That makes me happy. It felt right and good to be there today.
So, here’s to getting healthy!

What’s a Wattpad?

I’m fascinated. Wattpad is a community of readers and writers. It’s a new storytelling experience that’s mobile and social. And free.

Wattpad is a platform that you can use to share stories from any mobile device, both on and offline and connect socially with the writers of those stories. The readers can comment and provide guidance, or create original art or music to go with the stories. Anyone can share a story on Wattpad and anyone can read there too. Many writers post only one chapter at a time to keep the suspense of a book growing.

Anna Todd used Wattpad to write After, which is being turned into a four book series by Simon & Schuster. The first book was released in October. The story, written on Wattpad primarily using her mobile phone, is about Tessa Young, an optimistic freshman at Washington State University and the dark, troubled British bad boy who has stolen her heart. The British bad boy Hardin Scott, is inspired by One Direction singer Harry Styles, Anna’s favorite band. Anna Todd is a first-time writer, just twenty-five years old, she never thought she’d be an author. She wrote this story while waiting for appointments or in line and shared it via Instagram and Twitter. Anna is married to her high school sweetheart, who has served three deployments to Iraq. In 2013, she combined her love of reading and for the band One Direction to create After on Wattpad.


Simun and Schuster has decided to take the After story and make it into four books! The original story was over 2,500 pages! The next three books are, After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever Happy.

After has been one of the most talked about stories on the internet. I live under a rock because I hadn’t heard of it until recently. Have you heard of this story? I can’t wait to read it. By 2014, Anna/s story had over 1 billion reads! You can purchase the book on Barnes & Noble or for your e-reader. I have my copy and can’t wait to get started!


Disclaimer: I participated in the After by Anna Todd blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own. 


Sick Bay

I came down with The Influenza yesterday. Two adults down and one five year old still standing. Let’s hope she remains standing. I’m not nearly as sick as Frank but oh my Lord… This cough feels like daggers in my throat and chest. I got my flu shot about a week ago and Frank didn’t get his. I’m convinced that’s the reason I’m not as sick has he is. That and the fact that I hauled myself to urgent care as soon as I felt achy. Thank you to Kathy for talking me into going right away.
So, I provide a list of things that are keeping me sane.
1. Understanding bosses.
2. Texting because the voice is as sort as the throat.
3. My anxiety essential oil blend from Liz.
4. Tea.
5. Electric Heated Throw. This glowing light is keeping me warm.

6. Being well enough to throw a bunch of veggies in a pot and create a healthy dinner for us.
7. The notes my girl left for me on Sunday.
7a. Tomorrow we are going to school.

7b. A phone. So we can text. Oh my heart.

8. Friends on Netflix.