Something About Writing Something

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Wow, it looks like I haven’t written much lately. That’s only sort of correct. I have written but due to some changes made by the essential oil company with whom I’m affiliated and big government, I’ve had to take a number of posts private so I can rewrite them to remove the essential oil company’s […]

Music: Raise ‘Em Up

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There’s something about a new song by a favorite artist or band that moves me. I love music. It’s always in my head. It’s always in Frank’s head too – and he can actually PLAY music. Sydney can too. She’s got the beat. A few new songs have come out lately that have lyrics that […]

Sydney Spring Sing K5

Spring Sing and the End of K5

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Today marks the end of the school year. Not the actual end, that doesn’t happen until next week. Today was the Spring Sing. An outdoor concert of all the classes K4 through 5th grade then one dance of all the classes together. It is so fun to see all the classes perform and show off […]

Tonight she was rough. 

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It’s not unusual but it’s usually reserved for Thursday. One late bedtime ruins much of the week. She cried when I said no and tried to fight me on it. She cried more. She stomped her feet. (She’s mini me except I slam doors and cabinets) Then a switch flipped and she was fine and […]

I Saw the In My Shoes Exhibit

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Last week, I wrote about an exhibit called In My Shoes coming to the Milwaukee Public Library. Today I was able to see the exhibit in person. This exhibit is deigned to inspire meaningful conversations between parents and teens about their challenges and potential to use and abuse substances. There was a large sign near […]