Change the WorldPersonal


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” ~Dr. Seuss.

I went with Sydney’s class to see The Lorax in August.  Shortly after, we bought the movie and the book.  I really had no idea what the story was about going in, but I love it.  The whole thing.  The concept of our world being taken from us because the big corporations don’t have a clue about keeping us and the earth safe.  The concept of someone wanting to hear the Once-ler’s story.  Someone caring so much, they want to listen. Someone caring so much they not only want to listen, but they want to act – and they do – to correct the mistake of that big corporation.  Since seeing the movie with a bunch of 3 and 4 year-olds, seeing the movie at home and reading the story more times than I can count, I just can’t get that quote out of my head.  It’s just so relevant.

To me, it’s about hope.  If I care, it will get better.  If I hope, it will get better.

There are several situations in my life right now that are really really hard to deal with, but I’m trying to keep the faith, and I’m keeping this quote in the front of my mind.  Unless.  But I keep wondering, at what point does all this caring become too much?  When is it ok to just give up? Or maybe that should read, is it ever ok to just give up?  My answer is no. It’s not ok to give up.

More recently, my emotions are all over the place.  Due to those cryptic situations mentioned above, I’m super stressed out.  I’m losing my temper at home more easily and very recently I started to notice that Sydney is acting just like me when I’ve lost my tempter.  So, I’m trying to be aware of me, my actions and especially my reactions.  Recently, I said to someone “You have control of your life. If it sucks, make a change.”  Little did I realize that I should be listening to me.  So, this is the year.  The year I take better control of me, my life and the life I’m creating for my daughter.  I’m going to make the changes that are good for us.  I’m going to change my world.