The Music is The Feeling

I almost forgot to blog today which would have ruined my April streak. This headache that I’ve been battling with has me also down with what seems like some sinus thing and a mild fever. I suppose the fact that Frank and Sydney have both been sick doesn’t help. Knowing I have been avoiding getting really sick for most of the winter has me a bit worried that this could be the end of my streak.
At least there’s a good awards show on to keep me entertained. I’m a huge country music lover. Actually, I love most music and my iphone is filled with all kinds. When it comes to awards shows I just don’t miss all things country. Not sure what live shows we’ll get to this year. I’d love to see Carrie Underwood who will be in Milwaukee this year and Jason Aldean who will be at Summerfest. So, if someone wants to hook us up with tickets, that would be sweet.
I know there are many who just “don’t get” country music. Well, to that I say, Give a listen to any one of the last five of Brad Paisley’s new albums, or Miranda Lambert’s latest. You will not be disappointed. But, you have to truly listen, feel the music and hear the lyrics.
When it comes to music, for me, it’s so much more than just the beat. It’s how the lyrics and music fit together. There’s always a meaning behind the lyrics, more than just the words. There’s a feeling. I generally either like a song the first time I hear it or not. I usually don’t change my mind. If I hear something new and don’t like it, generally that won’t change. But if I’m unsure, sometimes I can be swayed.
Favorite lyric at the moment is by Miranda Lambert from her song Mama’s Broken Heart: “Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady”. The song is awesome but there’s something about that lyric that could fit into any part of life – any life. And for me, music is about life. Eric Church has a song called Springsteen that also has an awesome lyric: “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.” I love this. I can hear a song on the radio and it will take me back to that moment. That’s got to be the best thing about music – the feeling.
What is your favorite song right now? I’m always expanding my playlist so feel free to share in the comments.