Something New, Coming Soon

If you have been following my Twitter stream lately, you may have seen this tweet.
So, in relation to that, I’ve been thinking about how Twitter and my blog, among other things, keep me honest and true to myself.  I’ve also been thinking about my brand.  Who am I?  Where do I want to go, personally and professionally?  I’ve gotten involved in some things that are a little out of my confort zone, which is leading to a learning experience.  In the process, I’m meeting some amazing people who make me want to better at all that I do. 
I’ve also purchased my very own domain.  It’s going to be cool.  Working on a website is a first for me and since it’s self-hosted, I’m spending lots of time learning in order to get it up and running.  Once the new site is up and running, I’ll be sure to let you all know, but until then, be sure to find me here, on Twitter, Facebook, via text message or email.
I can’t wait. This will be epic.
And yes, I am going to change the world…. Stay tuned!

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