Soccer, Well Not Really

Sydney started soccer yesterday. I wish I could post a cute photo of her running with the other kids. I wish I could post a cute photo of her kicking the ball with the other kids or maybe even scoring a goal. I can’t because she refused to participate. I knew that scheduling a group sports class for the spring at 12:30 on a Sunday may not be the best idea, but I decided to take the chance anyway. She generally goes down for a nap around 1pm so a 12:30 class will really mess up her daytime sleep, but she’s old enough, right? I envisioned her wanting to jump right in. Instead she was over tired and not having it at all. Since she was tired, she was wound up and rowdy before we even left the house. When we arrived at the field, she wanted nothing to do with the other kids. She didn’t want the ball. I nudged her toward playing. We watched the other kids for a bit. I thought for sure that when she saw the other kids playing, she would want to get involved. All she did was cry that she wanted to go home. Frank did get her to kick the ball once but when the coaches encouraged her not to pick it up with her hands, she was not happy.

Since I played soccer in high school and had so much fun, I guess I was hoping that she would too. I’m not giving up yet, it’s only been one week. We’ll go again next week. We’ll talk about it this week so she knows what to expect and maybe she’ll want to get involved. Pray for warmer weather.

In addition to signing her up for soccer, I also signed her up for swim. This is a type of class where she gets in the pool with a few other kids and the instructor and I sit on the side and watch. Score one for Mom not having to get in the pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love to swim. I’m just loving the fact that someone else will be teaching her the basic. I’m a firm believer that every child should know how to swim and swim well. And also have no fear of the water. Living so close to Lake Michigan and knowing people with pools, it’s just so important for kids to know how to swim. Let’s hope that the after school swim class on Wednesday goes better than yesterday’s soccer whine fest.

After yesterday’s soccer class, I wondered – am I pushing too hard? I mean, she is only 3. She mentioned several times that she wants to play, but is it too soon for her to be involved? Will it be too much? Oh, the constant doubting that parenthood brings…..


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  1. Sounds just like our first experience with Soccer for Isabella at age 3!! LOL It was on Friday’s at 5pm and I made her go to every one even though she never actually participated well!! It’s all a funny memory now as she is older and actually participates in things. But she does state that she still never wants to play soccer again!! HAHA

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