Is it a Happy Birthday?

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How do you wish someone a happy birthday if the seem to have fallen off the earth?

Do you even bother?

Did you know I have a brother? I don’t talk about him much. Today, he turns 32. It’s not often that I allow myself to wonder where he is or what he’s doing. It’s not often I check the circuit court system to make sure he’s not listed there. It’s not often I talk of him. He left, and has generally chosen not to communicate with our family.

It’s not often I wonder.

We are drastically different. Sometimes I’m amazed we are from the same family. He struggled a lot in his young life while things were easy for me.

I hope he’s doing well and today, on his 32nd birthday, I hope he has all the cake he could dream of and I hope he has a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Little Brother.