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A Rough Monday

Today started out rough. It snowed. A lot. There was a knee high drift in front of the garage so no way I was getting Sydney to school or me to work on time. We live in a condo so we pay good money for the plow guys to get us out. Today they showed up at 8am. It seemed like there was no regard for getting the snow removed. Once they did enough where I could get my truck out of the garage, I did just that and then they had to wait for me to move in order to keep plowing. So. There.

Monday is swim class day for Syd so I left work early to pick her up. When I got to school, she was complaining of a headache. She said she dumped her lunch on accident so only got to eat applesauce and a couple crackers for lunch. She looked rough but still wanted to swim so we went. She got out of the pool about 5 minutes before the end of class and wanted to go home. She took a long shower and then bawled. She cried and cried, while I got her dressed, while I brushed her hair, while I put her winter gear on. She just cried. Another mom in the locker room kept glancing over. She got it. She said, she’s not feeling good, huh. I hope she feels better.

After reading this article today, I realized once again, we get it. We are moms and we all get it.

Syd cried all the way home. I got her in the house, took off her coat and went back outside to bring the rest of our bags in. (We always have a lot of bags.) When I got in, She was standing with the frightened look. The look that told me without her even having to say that she just threw up. She made it to the garbage. (because she is a rockstar) I took her upstairs, washed her up and oiled her like crazy.

I’m hoping that it was a fluke because she didn’t get much lunch to eat but we’re taking all the precautions. I have an essential oil protective blend all over her feet and in her diffuser. I’m diffusing it in our room and also put together a blend that includes Protective Blend as well as Melaleuca, Oregano and Lemon, all of which have immune boosting properties. If we do get sick, at least I know that we won’t be sick for long. The thing I love about these oils is that my husband can still get the benefit of the oil through diffusing them into the air, even if I haven’t brought him over to the dark side to use them topically. Yet.

Interested in learning more about essential oils? Leave a comment below. I’m placing an order Tuesday so if there’s anything you’re interested in, just let me know!