Essential Oils

Essential Oils and YOU

One of the things I love about including essential oils in my life is how much my company (who I cannot mention due to certain regulations)¬†encourage using oils along with your medical team. I’ve been showing this photo in the classes I teach and I think it rings true for many.


I’m grateful that we can use essential oils in our house when situations arise. And I’m grateful that I can use the oils in tandem with what my medical provider recommends.

For example, yesterday, the wind caught the screen door which caught my foot and scraped the skin. A little lavender and the skin was soothed immediately. I’m going to have to keep this in my pocket all summer for those little cuts and scrapes that happen at the playground with a 5 year old.

I use oils multiple times a day. We diffuse at night to help occasional sleeplessness and support our immune systems. I love how easy it is to incorporate essential oils into our daily life.

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*Please contact your medical provider with questions or concerns about your specific situation and the use of essential oils.*