Spring Sing and the End of K5

Today marks the end of the school year. Not the actual end, that doesn’t happen until next week. Today was the Spring Sing. An outdoor concert of all the classes K4 through 5th grade then one dance of all the classes together. It is so fun to see all the classes perform and show off their singing and dancing talents. Sydney’s class dance number included a free style dance. Syd totally let loose. It was awesome.

Sydney Spring Sing K5
She’s in the white shirt in the middle with the cute bob haircut!

The final whole school dance was a flash mob to Uptown Funk. It was so awesome. The fifth graders started off the song and the rest of the school followed. Sydney has been talking about it for months and it was as awesome for her as it was for me. When the concert was over, she got to come back to the office with me – a special treat for her. Then we had Culver’s and stopped at her favorite place, the library.

She’s changed a ton in the last two months of school. She is reading and doing math and becoming more and more independent. She is amazing. She can multiply, she can add, she can subtract. She can read and figure out hard words. She takes my breath away every day with her quick wit and extremely smart brain. 5 and 3/4 is an amazing age.