Things I Loved This Week

Things I Loved This Week: August 30

There’s so much great stuff going on all over the interwebs. This is my week in history picks.

  • Coloring Books for Adults Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for this awesome list! I picked up Splendid Cities earlier this summer and love it. A friend is going through a stressful time so I picked up Color Me Happy for her. We almost started coloring it at the bar when I gave it to her! I’m keeping this list to use as a reference when I’m done coloring Splendid Cities…
  • My cousin Mike was in a bad farm accident two weeks ago. It was so bad that he spent the last two week at Froedert Hospital so they could reconstruct his arm. Now he’s home. The local paper wrote a great article about him and his positivity throughout the ordeal. I’m so glad he’s doing so well and hope is recover continues to be great. I’m so proud to call him family.
  • I follow a ton of people in the Type 1 Diabetes community and see the amazing research that is being done to find a cure, as well as the lives of those of us living with the disease. (I wish Frank would write about having T1D as an adult…) This week, Diabetes Dad wrote about how a child’s life is affected by this disease in his piece called Stolen Childhood. Stolen Parenthood followed. He has two children withT1D and his writing is great.
  • Target is going to let us drink and shop. Let’s talk about what that will do for the good ‘ole credit limit…
  • I thought Awkward Plane Breakup was pretty funny.

Last but not least this week…. I have officially become a contributor for Milwaukee Moms Blog, a new site launching in September!

What did you find this week on the web that was great? Share in the comments!