Things About Six and The End of Summer

There are a few things I’ve noticed about Little Miss Six…

Seemingly overnight, she has started shutting the bathroom door to go potty and shutting her bedroom door to change clothes and get ready. She also takes time to do her hair and check her outfit, accessorizing as necessary.

She has started talking. I mean, she’s been talking forever but now? She doesn’t stop talking. At all. It’s awesome to know what she’s thinking about all the time but there have been just a few minutes where it makes my brain want to explode. For example, today we made muffins. I had messy hands. She reminded me to wash them and use soap.

In the last month or so, she has started painting her own nails. I know she needs some work on her fine motor skills so I figured why not? It takes me a minute to set down my Type A personality and let her do it herself but she’s been doing great. I might have to hide the black polish though. I can’t say I’m ready for her to be painting her nails black already… Tomorrow she’s going to school with one hand of pink nails and a black thumb on the other.

On Sunday, August 30, she got her first loose tooth. It’s on the bottom in this picture so clearly not noticeable but she was just so excited! Marking the date for future reference… 🙂

Sydney First Loose Tooth 20150830

First Grade starts tomorrow. I see that she’s nervous and excited. We met her teacher on Friday and she got to see where her classroom is. She also found her locker and it’s next to her buddy. She has a locker…

Today, we spent the day together. The last day of summer break…

Syd End of Summer Break Selfie 20150831
End of Summer Selfie
Syd Riding her Bike 20150831
Riding into the Sunset

She corrected me when I said multiple times today that it’s the last day of summer. “No Mom, it is not.” She’s right. It’s just the last night before she’s officially IN first grade.