Things I Loved This Week

Things I Loved This Week: September 6

Week 2! Here are some things I loved this week.

Forbes article about doing nothing. I’ve tested this time saving technique out this week and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m also getting things done.

Grateful Girls Safe Haven – a specialized home specifically for human trafficking youth in Milwaukee County.

Companion Personal Safety App – This app lets your friends virtually walk you home. It’s a great app for all of us. I’ll be checking out out for when I’m away. I’ve seen it shared all over and I think it’s especially good for people who travel a log.

A reminder from a contributor at Scary Mommy that we should be counting our lucky stars that we are here to scrub the pots and do the laundry. This one hit me hard.

A little hit back to me – I loved first grade. My girl had a great week and said it was great. She also got her first loose tooth on Sunday. It’s on the bottom and hard to see in this picture but check out how excited she was! IMG_3751

I also loved this: Frank joined a band and had his first gig with them this week. He’s in the black shirt on the left. More band info coming soon! IMG_3779

What a week! What did you see this week that was great??