First Day of First Grade!

Six turns into first grade around here. In yesterday’s post, she told me she was closing the bedroom door because she wanted to have privacy and be a grown up this year. Day one and that’s out the window. She said she’d try next year. I wish I could quit adulting as quickly as that!

The morning was great. She got up mostly good, ate a good breakfast and didn’t pitch a fit about getting her picture taken.

First Grade! Lunchbox placement so everyone could see Hello Kitty. Obviously.
Check out that backpack!
Check out that backpack!

After school I picked her up and headed home. She was ok in the car and ok once we got in the house but then… homework. Tired. Hungry. Three meltdowns in the first 45 minutes we were home. After she had a little food and realized that I will always help (not complete) her homework, she calmed down. Homework was about her name, Sydney. To which she said, ” Call me Syd”. Well, ok then.

After I prompted with a question, she told me I should quit my job so I could pick her up right after school every day instead of after care. Tempting… however I like food and our stuff and our house and my truck, so no dice kid…

By the time we got to bedtime, she was just fine. Bedtime was a breeze however she didn’t want to do her reading, which is nothing new.

So… what tricks to you have for making first grade homework fun? And getting strong willed child to cooperate?