Things I Loved This Week

Things I Loved This Week: September 13

This is quite the random list this week… Here are some things I thought were awesome this week!

Marcus Theaters is hosting another Enchanted Tales series! Disney movies on the big screen for $5! We missed this the last time they did it so I’ve added these to my calendar!

The 50-minute Phone Rule. I’m not sold on this however it’s rolling around in my head.

A great article about the invisibility of Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve heard more times than I care to count that Frank “doesn’t look sick”. Yep, I know. And he’s generally not sick but he has this horrible disease that he copes with and fights through every single day. (More about the JDRF OneWalk coming soon!)

I’m a Windows user and there were items on this list that blew me away. Can’t wait to try these apps! Top 10 Incredibly Userful Windows Programs to Have On Hand. (p.s. Lifehacker is my favorite.)

Five things working mothers should stop saying caught me by surprise. Fortunately I don’t say all of them. Yay Me!

Last but not least… while I was at Walgreens Tuesday morning a naked man strolled in. While this was not the part I loved, I did love the cashier’s response. A middle age African American woman freaked out and it was epic.