Finding the Good

Today was a hard day. Knowing I can’t pour my heart out about the specifics here makes it harder. So instead I’ll write about what’s good.

My coach is amazing. She holds me accountable and helps me figure out how to navigate these sticky situations that come up in life. Before I see her every other week I fill out a form called the Balance Sheet. It’s basically a what’s good and not so good since our last meeting. I love this form because it forces me to think about what’s been good. I set big goals and sometimes I don’t meet them so this form brings those out too. There have been some bumps in the last year but so many things are good, I’m so lucky.

I’ve poised myself to write more and I’ve been telling people in real life about it. I’m starting to love the real life reactions as much as I love the comments here and likes on Facebook.

I’m so exited to be contributing to MKE Moms Blog. A wider audience will get to read my words. It’s a little scary and exciting all at once. We launch next week!!!!! Go like us on Facebook!

I’ve tweaked my work schedule so I can be home at night a little earlier than I used to be. It’s so awesome to have an extra hour with Sydney. We’re getting into a routine and I feel like she’s a little happier to have a little extra mom time even if it means we’re focused on homework. It’s unrushed and quiet and amazing.

We got our family pictures back from our photographer today. They are so amazing I want to wallpaper our house with them. It’s going to be tough figuring out what to have printed. She captured Sydney’s personality perfectly.