Things I Loved This Week

Things I Loved This Week: September 27

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Things I Loved This Week

On Monday, a new website launched in Milwaukee called MKE Moms Blog. This website is a collaboration of a group of Milwaukee based mom’s who are passionate about Milwaukee and the moms who live here. I’m on the contributor team!! Go take a read, there will be information about Milwaukee events, what’s going on in the lives of other Milwaukee moms AND GIVEAWAYS! This site is part of the City Mom’s Network.

14 Realities All Girl Scouts Understand. I can’t wait until Sydney understands these.

The Milwaukee County Zoo has a new baby giraffe! He was taller than I am now when he was born.

I’m addicted to adult coloring and I now have two coloring books. I can’t believe how it calms my brain to just sit and color. I got really excited when I saw this list of websites where I could print out coloring sheets.

Things I need my daughter to know. This post over on Scary Mommy was a good one. “If you don’t like your situation, CHANGE IT.” Yes. You have the choice to change your situation and your entire life if you want to. I really hope I’m teaching you that.

What did you love this week?