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Put in the Work

I’ve been seeing my coach for a year now. When I started seeing her, I was navigating how to deal with a terrible coworker. That was short lived, however my coach and I dealt with some lasting feelings. Those are now gone and we work on so much more.

I have homework. At every session, we talk through whatever is going on or on my mind and she helps me figure out how to navigate my brain through itself.

She helps me be a better me.

She pumps me up when I’m feeling down about something.

She helps me believe I can change the world.

She helps me change the world.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote my Manifesto for the year. A manifesto is a declaration of intention. I just re-read it. While I’m still working through it, I’ve been very dedicated to it.

What does that mean for me? It means that when I wrote it in January of this year, I meant it. That I wanted to do things, so I set the intention and then put in the work to make those things happen.

It’s awesome when you look back on something and it works out just as you imagined.

My coach is awesome.

Image courtesy of Canva
Image courtesy of Canva