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The Changing of the Seasons

A lot of things have been changing around our house and in our life lately.

As we get ready for Syd to finish up first grade and hang out at summer camp and Camp Grandpa & Grammy, I’ve been reflecting on how different are life is now. Gone are the days of baby and toddler. She spends her time singing, playing games on the kindle and coloring. She’s struggled most of the school year with her writing but I think we’ve finally taken a turn for the better.

Both my parents are retired as of Friday. Both are poised and ready to have a fun summer. I’m glad my dad stopped working early in the summer versus waiting until the weather got back to crap. He has several projects to work on at the up north house so we’ll be spending much of our time there helping out. I’m sure it will lead to some late nights of “Jim Class”.

SyIMG_0520d has lost her top two front teeth in the last two weeks. They were both very loose and she pulled them right out at After Care.

With that, over the last month or so, she’s changed so much. I notice her growth, both mental and physical, happens in the spring. She’s leaner which makes her seam taller. She smarter and grows leaps and bounds at school this time of year. With smarter, comes sassier. She knows everything. That apple didn’t fall far….

I spent the last 7 months leading a major software software conversion at work which has left me with much reflection on myself and those around me. I never anticipated I would lead a project so large and I’m happy to say that with the help of our consulting team and the hard work and dedication of our accounting team, it went pretty smooth.

Frank is jamming more than ever with the band, Comfort Shag and we’re all loving every minute of it.

The┬áseasons, both astronomical and in our life, are changing at a rapid pace. Just when I think we’ve settled in, things change again, for the better. What a crazy fun ride it is.

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