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Caught a Little Off Guard

I didn’t expect today to affect me like it did but it caught me a bit off guard.

The last day of First Grade. It seems like a bigger milestone this year than it has in years past. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because she has grown so much, maybe it’s because she is reading and writing more than ever. Maybe it’s because she has stronger opinions and more questions about the world. Maybe it has to do with the f30 Weeks Pregnantact that on the way to school today, she reminded me that she’s been going to her school for THREE years.

Maybe it’s because this photo came in up in my Timehop today. 30 weeks pregnant, 7 years ago, on this day, the day she finished first grade.

“The days are long but the years are short.” I keep seeing and hearing this but I just don’t believe it. In our world, it feels like both the days and years are short. With both Frank and I working full time, it feels like there just might be too much and we need to stop. To slow down and savor it. But how?

Maybe today caught me off guard because time flies between the beginning of the school year and the end.

First Day 1st grade 2015Last Day 1st grade 2016

Maybe today caught me off guard because last year I wrote a post about a new song from last year. A song that recently circled back and made me tear up.

Maybe today caught me off guard because I wrote a post a while ago for MKE Moms Blog and it resonated with people. People both online and off read it AND COMMENTED.

Thank you.

The thing about writing for an amazing site like MKE Moms Blog is that we have deadlines. Deadlines force me to write. So we write and we have an editor and a site owner. Our posts are edited then put in the On Deck Circle. When the time is right, our posts are published. We, as contributors, never quite know when they are scheduled. Sometimes we know a little in advance, sometimes we cruise Facebook and see something that looks familiar. Today, I woke up and saw my post. I saw a post that I had been channeling for quite a while. When I read things I’ve written anytime after the fact, I am shocked that I wrote it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Today, I liked it. I shared it. Then throughout the day, I saw that people have similar experiences as me. People – friends I’ve had for all my adult life – understand and sympathize with me. Today, a dad of Sydney’s classmate commented to me in the pickup line that he liked my post. Today, a mom of another classmate commented to me that she loved it.

Today, that caught me off guard.

It also made me realize that I am exactly where I am meant to be. And to realize that we all need a village. And if we pause long enough to look around, we see our village all around us. Today, I realized my village is larger than I had originally thought.

I’m so lucky to have found my tribe and to realize that my tribe keeps growing.


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