A Strange Thing Happened

A strange thing happened to me today. Not really strange, but for me it’s categorized as something strange.

First a little back story. In December, I took a new job at a larger firm in the Milwaukee area. A job I am totally qualified for but a job that I feel too young for. I’m a good fit for this company from many aspects, including personality, culture testing, education and industry background. It’s been an easy transition with my team and my peers which makes the getting things done part very easy.

Last week, one of the admin team members asked me for a bio. It’s been years since I’ written a bio for myself so it was time. Even after listing my accomplishments, it was hard for me to read. I never feel like I’m good enough or worthy of the gratitude of others. So, I wrote my bio. I included my educational accomplishments, my career accomplishments, my non-profit board presidency and my recent role of adjunct instructor. I’m so proud of who I am and what I’ve done, yet writing it for the company website and marketing materials seemed so difficult. Why is it so hard for me to proclaim my worth?

Today in a meeting, while talking about marketing updates, my peer mentioned how my accomplishments and background should be a press release for the company. I know that I have a solid background and am a good fit for the organization, for which they are proud and so am I. But why is it so weird to hear someone else say it? Why is it so hard to hear someone talk about how great you are? (I blushed and I thanked him.)

Why is it so hard for me to accept this compliment and also talk about what I’ve done?

Maybe it was just a week that threw me off.