Hello 2016!

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A new year.     A new planner.  Last year my word for the year was health. This year, I’ve chosen three words to focus on.  Action.  Balance.  Health.  I know health is here again but having this be my focus for the year has been good for my mind and body.  I’ve worked toward balance […]

Nano Nano

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Tonight, I’ve seen a few posts from people I know – not random twitter people – people that I actually know in real life that make me want to punch them in the face. These real life people posted about how the tragic passing of Robin Williams as a waste. A waste of life. Can […]


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Today I learned a few things. Disclaimer, this post is a little random and sort of a brain dump. The first being that shitty goggles get you nowhere. Or maybe they get you somewhere with an eye full of water. Second, I learned that I am not a strong swimmer. In my head, I can […]