All the Litter

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After I picked up Sydney from camp today, we took a ride to a store we don’t normally go to. The wind was blowing hard and there was a ton of litter. Stuck in fences, in parking lots, flying in the air. Ever since we did the Earth Day unit at Daisy Scouts back in […]

Something About Writing Something

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Wow, it looks like I haven’t written much lately. That’s only sort of correct. I have written but due to some changes made by the essential oil company with whom I’m affiliated and big government, I’ve had to take a number of posts private so I can rewrite them to remove the essential oil company’s […]

Music: Raise ‘Em Up

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There’s something about a new song by a favorite artist or band that moves me. I love music. It’s always in my head. It’s always in Frank’s head too – and he can actually PLAY music. Sydney can too. She’s got the beat. A few new songs have come out lately that have lyrics that […]

Word of the Year 2015

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Sick Bay is mostly gone around here and everyone is back to feeling normal. I’m figuring out that feeling normal is not the same as feeling/being well. So I’ve come up with a word in which to focus on for this year. Health. All things related. Physical. Mental. Financial. Spiritual. All healthy. I’ve made a […]