How Can I Help?

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Just as I want to piss and moan about today’s weather (read End of May and 50 degrees), I see this very short news blip about more severe weather in the plains, specifically Missouri.  My thought every time I see stuff like this is “oh no, not again”.  My heart just breaks for the people […]

Why Twitter?

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It’s taken me a long time to write this post, and by that I mean, put it down in text.  I’ve been thinking how to word this post and what exactly to say.   Twitter means so many things to me that it’s hard to get them all down.  When I started using Twitter in March […]

Social Media: An Overview

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I wrote this article for the ASWA Milwaukee Chapter’s monthly newsletter. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Social Media It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you hear about social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Now adding to that list are sites like Foursquare and Hashable. Now, I’m no expert, just a […]


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I’m thankful every day for these things, but becuase it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d put them in a little list.  Frank – because he takes excellent care of his family and is the strong man pushing me ahead every day. Abby – She is the best almost-my-kid kid that a girl could ever ask for. […]