A Strange Thing Happened

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A strange thing happened to me today. Not really strange, but for me it’s categorized as something strange. First a little back story. In December, I took a new job at a larger firm in the Milwaukee area. A job I am totally qualified for but a job that I feel too young for. I’m […]


Hello 2016!

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A new year.     A new planner.  Last year my word for the year was health. This year, I’ve chosen three words to focus on.  Action.  Balance.  Health.  I know health is here again but having this be my focus for the year has been good for my mind and body.  I’ve worked toward balance […]


And Then There Was Ten

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To my Frankie: Ten amazing years. We made it. At noon today, we’ve officially been married TEN years. Ten years of awesome, fun, rough, exciting, scary times. Ten years of leaning on each other. Ten years of encouraging each other to go for it. Ten years of love. I can’t wait for 100 more years. Frank, […]

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Put in the Work

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I’ve been seeing my coach for a year now. When I started seeing her, I was navigating how to deal with a terrible coworker. That was short lived, however my coach and I dealt with some lasting feelings. Those are now gone and we work on so much more. I have homework. At every session, […]


Finding the Good

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Today was a hard day. Knowing I can’t pour my heart out about the specifics here makes it harder. So instead I’ll write about what’s good. My coach is amazing. She holds me accountable and helps me figure out how to navigate these sticky situations that come up in life. Before I see her every […]