It was Gone

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I made the last pot this morning. Carefully crafted with just the right amount of grounds and water. It’s my morning ritual which has become an art. It was gone in an instant. She bumped the table and down it all went.  

My Guts

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Warning: I talk about my guts and gut health here. if you’re squeamish, don’t continue. The abdominal pain continues. It’s been many months and I’m still dealing with some abdominal pain. The good thing is that it’s lessened. At the beginning of May, I saw a gastroenterologist because I had reached my mental limit and […]

Music: Raise ‘Em Up

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There’s something about a new song by a favorite artist or band that moves me. I love music. It’s always in my head. It’s always in Frank’s head too – and he can actually PLAY music. Sydney can too. She’s got the beat. A few new songs have come out lately that have lyrics that […]

Put Your Sunscreen on First

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Now, a note to moms everywhere… Because I know I’m not the only person who forgot this… Sunscreen. I know we all did our due dillagence and slathered our kids up before school yesterday morning. Knowing that the forecast was warm and sunny, we knew that every inch of them needed to be covered. But… […]

Spring Sing and the End of K5

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Today marks the end of the school year. Not the actual end, that doesn’t happen until next week. Today was the Spring Sing. An outdoor concert of all the classes K4 through 5th grade then one dance of all the classes together. It is so fun to see all the classes perform and show off […]