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Things About Six and The End of Summer

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There are a few things I’ve noticed about Little Miss Six… Seemingly overnight, she has started shutting the bathroom door to go potty and shutting her bedroom door to change clothes and get ready. She also takes time to do her hair and check her outfit, accessorizing as necessary. She has started talking. I mean, […]


And Then You Were Six

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All of a sudden, you are six. I’m not quite sure how we got here so quickly but here we are. You are more than one hand old. Six fingers. Six years. You are fun and kind. You love to see how things work. You bloom slowly in the morning with the help of juice […]

Happy. Not The B Word.

The B Word

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I’m sitting on the front porch trying to formulate my thoughts about the last few days, all I hear is the noisy neighbors and the gnat buzzing my head. And the dog two doors (10 feet) down barking his brains out. I’m having a rough time formulating my thoughts because of the level of my […]

Sydney Spring Sing K5

Spring Sing and the End of K5

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Today marks the end of the school year. Not the actual end, that doesn’t happen until next week. Today was the Spring Sing. An outdoor concert of all the classes K4 through 5th grade then one dance of all the classes together. It is so fun to see all the classes perform and show off […]

Letter to Me: Pre-Motherhood

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This post has been floating around in my head for quite a while. A letter to my pre-Sydney self. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine life without her, there are just some things that are different now (Thank you Captain Obvious). Maybe it’s the lack of free time that has me thinking back on […]