And Then There Was Ten

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To my Frankie: Ten amazing years. We made it. At noon today, we’ve officially been married TEN years. Ten years of awesome, fun, rough, exciting, scary times. Ten years of leaning on each other. Ten years of encouraging each other to go for it. Ten years of love. I can’t wait for 100 more years. Frank, […]

Tonight she was rough. 

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It’s not unusual but it’s usually reserved for Thursday. One late bedtime ruins much of the week. She cried when I said no and tried to fight me on it. She cried more. She stomped her feet. (She’s mini me except I slam doors and cabinets) Then a switch flipped and she was fine and […]

The Reading

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I just don’t want to forget mornings like this morning.  She was dressed and I was a little behind. She sat on her bed and read from the new library book we got. It’s from the We Both Read series. I read a page with a paragraph and she reads a page with a sentence. […]

You Quit the Mom

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She knows that she and Abby has different moms. She also knows that she and Abby have the same dad. its been a conversation around here many times. I think she’s starting to understand more because she has a friend with separated parents.  Last night there was a conversation. It shows us what goes on […]