Caught a Little Off Guard

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I didn’t expect today to affect me like it did but it caught me a bit off guard. The last day of First Grade. It seems like a bigger milestone this year than it has in years past. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because she has grown so much, maybe it’s because she is […]

First Day of First Grade!

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Six turns into first grade around here. In yesterday’s post, she told me she was closing the bedroom door because she wanted to have privacy and be a grown up this year. Day one and that’s out the window. She said she’d try next year. I wish I could quit adulting as quickly as that! […]

Things About Six and The End of Summer

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There are a few things I’ve noticed about Little Miss Six… Seemingly overnight, she has started shutting the bathroom door to go potty and shutting her bedroom door to change clothes and get ready. She also takes time to do her hair and check her outfit, accessorizing as necessary. She has started talking. I mean, […]