Finding me

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And then it was the eleventh of January. A new year, eleven days in. I had have big plans for the year. But really there’s not big. At work they are as simple as taking a disconnected from work vacation and cleaning off my desk. We are a generally a paperless office except I feel like […]

A Night Out

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Then, sometimes, you just need a night out. Man, I miss my beer friends. Tonight we spent the evening trying several different beers from Tallgrass Brewing Company with an invite from the Milwaukee Barley’s Angels group. Not bad stuff. If’ you’re into stouts, their Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout is excellent. What, you ask, is Barley’s […]


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At some point, I lost myself. I stopped or mostly stopped sticking up for myself. I’m not sure how it happened. It could have been a bad boss. It could have been becoming a mother. It could have been five hundred other things. I’m not sure what or when it happened but I’ve realized I’ve […]

Finding Me and Running

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I’ve decided (again) (for the 100th time) that I need to find me again. I thought that the changes at work would help, and they have, but I thought that when that one thing changed, I would feel immediate gratification. And I did for a minute. Then I realized that all the stuff that had […]