How Did We Get Here Already?

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I mean, I know how we got here, but how did we get here? All of a sudden, she’s 4 and we’re headed to K4. We’re leaving the daycare she’s been going to since she was 8 weeks old. We are leaving the familiar and going somewhere completely new. For me, this kind of challenge […]

Happy Birthday!

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Today is my Mom’s actual Birthday. Happy Birthday Mama!!! I can’t get enough of this picture so here it is again.   Dear Mama, Thanks for teaching me how to follow my dreams, no matter how big. Thanks for teaching me to stand up for myself and for others. Thanks for teaching me what hard […]

Surprise: Part 2

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Despite my expectation, there wasn’t much of a hangover this morning after last night’s shenanigans. To catch up on the first part of the surprise, go here (I’ll wait). My facts have been checked. The first party was actually two years ago. Minor details, geez. This was my mom before she saw me – on […]


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At some point, I lost myself. I stopped or mostly stopped sticking up for myself. I’m not sure how it happened. It could have been a bad boss. It could have been becoming a mother. It could have been five hundred other things. I’m not sure what or when it happened but I’ve realized I’ve […]