Music: Raise ‘Em Up

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There’s something about a new song by a favorite artist or band that moves me. I love music. It’s always in my head. It’s always in Frank’s head too – and he can actually PLAY music. Sydney can too. She’s got the beat. A few new songs have come out lately that have lyrics that […]

Shattered Glass

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It’s not uncommon for music to pull at my heartstrings. It’s not uncommon for tears to fill my eyes when I hear a great new song by one of my favorite artists. I’ve written about music before. Over the last several weeks, one of my favorites, Brad Paisley, has been leaking songs from his new […]

Music Review: Mutineers

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I’m always up for new music. If you know me, you know that music is always on, either at work, in my car, or just in my head. When the opportunity came along to review new music by someone I’d never heard of, I couldn’t say no. Acclaimed singer, songwriter David Gray just released his […]

The Music is The Feeling

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I almost forgot to blog today which would have ruined my April streak. This headache that I’ve been battling with has me also down with what seems like some sinus thing and a mild fever. I suppose the fact that Frank and Sydney have both been sick doesn’t help. Knowing I have been avoiding getting […]