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Today I learned a few things. Disclaimer, this post is a little random and sort of a brain dump. The first being that shitty goggles get you nowhere. Or maybe they get you somewhere with an eye full of water. Second, I learned that I am not a strong swimmer. In my head, I can […]

Today was Boring Except for One Thing

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And then I ran out of things to say so I was going to write a Wordless Wednesday post and include a few pictures from this week, but I realized I haven’t taken any. Yesterday’s outside run really did me in. My hip flexers are sore but it really does feel great. It’s raining again. […]

She’s a Fish

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She’s a fish. I did have a fear that today’s swim class would be much like soccer the other day. It was not. She did great. She grinned from ear to ear the whole time. I’m so glad. Proud mama here today.

Soccer, Well Not Really

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Sydney started soccer yesterday. I wish I could post a cute photo of her running with the other kids. I wish I could post a cute photo of her kicking the ball with the other kids or maybe even scoring a goal. I can’t because she refused to participate. I knew that scheduling a group […]

We Love to Swim

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We are nearing the end of our Parent Tot Swim session in the next week so I thought I should finally write about it.  Or continue to write about it.  You see, I have good intentions, sometimes they just stay in draft form for a while.   The local rec department has a class for […]