A Strange Thing Happened

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A strange thing happened to me today. Not really strange, but for me it’s categorized as something strange. First a little back story. In December, I took a new job at a larger firm in the Milwaukee area. A job I am totally qualified for but a job that I feel too young for. I’m […]

A New Camp. Parenting is Hard.

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Today was the first day of a new week long camp for Sydney. It’s at our local JCC and called Adventure Camp. I didn’t do much to prepare her because it didn’t occur to me that she would be thrown into a group of kids and teachers that neither of us had ever met. We […]

Letter to Me: Pre-Motherhood

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This post has been floating around in my head for quite a while. A letter to my pre-Sydney self. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine life without her, there are just some things that are different now (Thank you Captain Obvious). Maybe it’s the lack of free time that has me thinking back on […]

The Stress Will NOT Win

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I wrote this last week in the midst of chaos.  The stress. It’s getting to be too much. I feel like I’m losing control of all aspects of life. I feel like I can’t breathe most hours of the day. I’m short with my family. Stress and anxiety are all I feel. I stay up […]