About Me

This is Me: Mom. Wife.

World: I will change it.

Location: Milwaukee

I was a Girl Scout until I graduated from High School.  I strongly believe it played a huge role in why I am who I am today. I am strong-willed, so look out.

I love to read and write.

Type 1 Diabetes find a cure advocate. Why? Because Husband was diagnosed in 1980 at age 7. And because insulin is not a cure.

I will get what I want… See World above.

I like lots of jelly on my PBJ sandwiches.

I love music and craft beer.

The opinions in this blog are mine. You don’t have to agree.

Don’t steal my pictures.  If you do, I will cut you.

Professional: I crunch numbers.  MBA.  I manage people, IT and HR. I want to work for myself when I grow up.

2015 Mom Sydney